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6.  DOG AND CAT ADVERTS:  Rules for Selling or Giving away

This information has been downloaded off the Internet from Pet and Government sites but is only our guide to the rules you need to follow, so please do your homework before advertising as done incorrectly can incur a hefty fine from your Local Shire or the RSPCA.

Information per States in Australia:

Pets in NSW

  • Must have an identification number such as a Microchip Number.  (this includes Both Breeders and Private Owners)
  • Six months old and older are required to be registered with your Local Shire.
  • Restricted animals are not permitted to be sold or advertised for sale/giveaway in NSW.
  • Negligence of the above can attract a heavy fine.

Pets in Queensland

  • Must have an identification number such as a Microchip Number unless the pet was born before 26th May, 2017 and then it doesn’t apply.
  • However you do need to check with your Local Shire if Pets need to be registered.

Pets in Victoria

  • Must have an identification number such as a Microchip Number.
  • The only exception is if a vet provides a certificate stating the animal cannot be microchipped for health reasons.

Pets in Western Australia

  • Must have an identification number such as a Microchip Number.
  • Pets over 3 months old must be registered with the Local Shire.
  • Cats must be sterilised before they are sold or given away.
  • The name of the seller.
  • The phone number of the seller.
  • The name of the Breeder and if they are a registered Breeder their Identification number.

(We will update this notice when the information comes to hand for the following States - Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania)

Who enforces these laws:

  • Local Shires and their Associates

Can You Sell Puppies In Australia Without A License?

Selling puppies in Australia is legal only when done with the correct identification number and registration.

Even if you want to give away the puppy to someone will require you to have the proper verification done in advance. A sale permit is required when an organization or individuals want to sell puppies in an animal sale event. Such licenses allow the sale of the puppies outside their business shop or residential properties.

Puppy sale permits are for sale events like the following.

  • Adoption day’s events.
  • Pet shows.
  •  Animal Charity Days or Events.
  • Apart from the following events, many individuals can hold their adoption drive or mark some special day. If you want to sell your puppies at such attractions, it is necessary to have a valid animal sale permit.

Why do You Need The Animal Sale Permit?

The animal sale permit is required if the event is falling in terms of these situations.

  • If the event is happening outside and not in a council registered business or residential complex.
  • If the event is happening to sell dogs, cats, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, or reptiles.
  • If the event is for caged birds.


Application Process

Here is how you can apply for one such permit or license to sell puppies. A license application is a process you will have to complete to get a license for selling puppies.

Most of the state council and regulatory authorities advise you to apply for the permit in as advance as 28 days to when you want to sell the puppy. It is to ensure that there is enough time for the authorities to process the permit application.

You will have to fill an animal sale permit form online along with required valid documents copies to support your license. These documents include the following required documents.

  • Declaration document describing the accommodation arrangements on the proposed place of sale.
  • Animal care policies and supplementary procedures that are applicable for the event. Including vet details, emergency plans, etc.
  • Agreement with the registered vet who will be present at the event confirming the venue is suitable for the animals.
  • Declaration of consumer sale guarantee for the sale of animals of event.

Submit the copies of the documents once you have completed the word form along with the required copies of the required documents.


Event Compliance Requirements

Every animal sale license holder must ensure the following conditions are maintained.

  • All participating animals of the sale are enjoying adequate accommodation and protection.
  • All animals must have access to clean water at all times.
  • Rules and regulations of the sale guarantee are in place and honored by the sellers and buyers.

If you want to sell the puppies separately or post an advertisement, you would require some legal paperwork. Every state in Australia requires you to have legal registration and identification number whenever posting on the ads to sell. It ensures that animal welfare and responsible trading are maintained.

If this is the case that you want to sell the puppy individually or by posting an advertisement online or offline, identification numbers are necessary. You cannot post the ads without the identification number. It is not legal to sell dogs without the number. Even if you are a hobby breeder, you will have to put the identification number.

Here Are The Various Identification Numbers Applicable And Acceptable Throughout Australia.

  • Microchip
  • Breeder Identification Number.
  • Rehoming Organisation Number.

Responsible animal sellers make sure they are abiding by the law for the welfare of the animals. Having a unique number to identify the owner, breed, and other details helps the buyer to understand and make their mind buying the puppy.

The rules and regulations of the various states put standards for the sellers and buyers to follow. Responsible owners and breeders make sure they provide for the needs and welfare of their puppies.

The unique identification allows the buyer to search and decide on the breed and authenticity of the advertisement. The buyers can find out about the seller business and retail spaces.


What Is The Unique Identification Number?

1 – Microchip

Microchips are 15 digit codes that are unique for every single puppy or dog. The unique identification number allows the owners to have permanent identification in place. The microchip is placed under the skin of the pet by a registered vet.

Almost all the states in Australia have made all the dogs have a microchip implanted in them by the time they reach 12 weeks. However, get the puppy microchipped while giving away or selling even before the specified age. The microchip stores a unique number which has the contact details of the owner on the animal registry.

A microchip number helps the government to identify the ownership of the pet dog when they are lost. The fact that it stays under the skin makes it an effective form of identification. When selling the puppy with a microchip number, the buyer can determine the details on a pet registry of the local animal body. If you are selling more than one puppy, you will have to put their respective microchip number on the advertisement.

2 – Breeder’s Identification Number

Every breeder in Australia can get their organization or group registered under the local governing body for a unique identification number. Breeder number is available on registering with the local governing body.

Every registered breeder can use their uniques breeder identification number instead of posting several microchip numbers when posting more puppies. Breeder identification numbers ensure the buyers can trust the seller given their unique registration.

3 – Rehoming Organisation Number

Rehoming organization numbers are of those organizations that verify as a rehoming shelter for animals. If you are a shelter owner or have a group working towards rehoming the animals, you can apply for rehoming status.

You can then post the rehoming organization number if having the unique number issued by the governing body. Rehoming shelters assure the pet finds another home that would give the due respect and place to the dog. However, many are unaware of the fate of stray and unclaimed animals kept in a compound.

Similarly, like, the breeder’s identification number you, will not have to put all of the microchip numbers if selling more than one. Only posting with your rehoming organization number will save you from getting a penalty for not posting other details.


Things To Keep In Mind

Along with having these identification numbers in place, it is a good idea to keep the following things in mind. Selling the puppies using advertisement is not okay without a registered number in place. These practices can sometimes decrease the registration fees as well.

Get Your Puppies Registered

A pup can be registered up to when they are six years of age without much hassle. After they are registered, it takes away the pain to get them registered again. The registration stays valid for a lifetime once registered. Registration fees, once paid, are not needed to pay repeatedly in the lifetime of the dog. It does not change even in the event of selling the dog and changes of ownership.

Make Sure You Transfer The Ownership Successfully

Get the ownership updated to ensure the ownership and registration works are there without a glitch. When selling the puppy to a buyer, the transfer should happen in the given due time to assure the buyer accepts the term and is complying.

Desexing Procedures

The puppies you want to sell will need to be paid fewer registration fees if they undergo desexing procedures. Desexing ensures fewer health hazards and lesser health problems, along with having control over unwanted diseases. Also, it puts control on the undesirable possibilities of a new generation of puppies.


Almost all significant states throughout Australia ensure the rules and regulations are kept in check by the local governing bodies. With the

advancement of technology, there are now improved ways to ensure the welfare of the animals. Various ways of identification assure that no fraudulent activities are taking place when selling and purchasing puppies.

If you want to sell your puppies, first make sure to identify where and how you will present your puppies for sale. It is a wise practice to keep your puppies registered and microchipped. You can even register an unborn puppy as well. Responsible breeders are always assuring the welfare and safety of their animals first.

Indulging in the selling or trading of puppies without legal paper-work or licenses will attract penalties and fines. It is not a good practice to not abide by the law and sell using illegal methods. Always put the unique identification number while posting the advertisements. Being pro-active will ensure your business or the rehoming shelter is taken seriously by the buyers as well.